Best Android Rooting Applications

Best Android Rooting Applications

Android Rooting

Android rooting allows android devices to get full access to Android system or attain privileged control within Android’s sub-system.

By Rooting Your Android Device:

  • You can install incompatible apps.
  • Customize Android system.
  • Backup your phone.
  • Flash Custom Recoveries.
  • Uninstall bloatware applications.
  • And much more…Best Android Rooting Applications

Best Android Rooting Applications

1. Kingo Root

Kingo is a freeware, ultra safe and secure, risk free, no risk of bricking or damaging your android device.


Kingo needs no preparation, it’s a one click root application.

Almost all devices are supported.

100% secure.

Download Kingo  

2. One Click Root

With  One Click Root anyone can root their android device to get access to all features in an Android OS.

Get One Click Root

3. SRS-easy root

SRS-Root supports Android versions 2.1, 2.2 ,2.3, 3.1,3.2, 4.1, 4.2

With SRS-Root you can both root and unroot your android device.

SRS root has safe rooting without flashing your device.

4. SuperOneClick Root

SuperOneClick Root can root almost all android devices, and the recently updated application can also root Droid, Nexus One devices.

Download SuperOneClick Root

5. Rescue Root

The easiest way to root your android device is with Rescue Root, no complex scripts are needed to root your device. Rescue root supports almost every Android device ever made and has been tested with many Android devices and operating systems.

Rescue Root Features

1. Root most of the Android devices.

2. Backup and protect your data.  Rescue root provides unlimited data restoration.

3. you can also unroot your Android device with Rescue Root.

4. Rescue Root provides 24/7 support by a team of highly trained Android rooting experts.

Get Rescue Root




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