Mahindra Ecole Centrale Review

Mahindra Ecole Centrale Review

Basic Info:

Mahindra Ecole Centrale popularly known as MEC is an private engineering college located in Jeedimetla, Hyderabad. This mec_logo_275x200engineering college is a collaboration between Tech Mahindra (One of the leading IT company in India), Ecole Cenrtale Paris and Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad a.k.a JNTUH (One of the leading university in Hyderabad, Telangana). The institute offers five year dual degree course which includes bachelors and masters degree in respective branch. Normally, a student needs to undergo 4 years of B.Tech + 2 years of M.Tech degree. But dual degree is an multi disciplinary approach in which a student gets B.Tech and M.Tech in 5 years thereby saving a year. Students are needed to stay in residential complexes in the institute for course of study. Being a day scholar isn’t a option at the present moment.


The current founder director is Prof. Sanjay Dhande, a Padma Shri recipient. He is an ex-director of IIT Kanpur, founder director of PDPM Indian Institute of Information Technology Design & Manufacturing Jabalpurmember of the National Security Advisory Boardpart-time member of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), member of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister of India. Click Here to see complete bio as listed in IIT Kanpur site. No wonder he has been given a top job to lead the institute. Computer Faculty isn’t listed over official site. There is a possibility that Prof. Dhande might take up that job. Check out the video below…in which Prof. Dhande introduces MEC



As far as collaboration with JNTUH is concerned, it might be because the Government of Telangana didn’t wanted them to go alone as they might develop their own curriculum and syllabus. So, such collaboration will ensure that education of student is not jeopardized in anyway. When it comes to collaboration with Ecole Centrale Paris, It is an greater advantage to the students who want to pursue foreign education in India.



Mahindra Group alone has invested an amount of 200 crores for campus and its infrastructural needs. So, no wonder campus looks charming and fabulous. Mahindra Group already has invested into Education sector prior to this. Mahindra United World College a.k.a UWC Mahindra in Maharashtra is one such institution where Mahindra Group has invested into. UWC Mahindra offers 2 year IB curriculum after class 10. Students from as many as 56 countries study there. The campus of  UWC Mahindra is a winner of many awards for its design and infrastructure. So, when it comes to infrastructure Mahindra Group has never compromised with it and tried to give attention to needs of student. When it comes to infrastructure at MEC, it has a well equpied class rooms, labs, cafeteria, an on-premises Zoo, residential houses (equivalent to a 5 star hotel), club house, gymnasium, swimming pool, club houses…etc.

Here’s a lil video:



Admission criteria is one of a place where I believe MEC did justice. It ensures that an average student can get into institute**.

Qualifying in the JEE (MAIN) 2014 for national students and valid score in SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) for international students (NRI / Foreign / PIO) are mandatory for admission to the programme offered by Mahindra École Centrale, Hyderabad, India.

In addition, a candidate has to undergo the counselling and branch allocation session of the institute to qualify for admission to the professional programme offered by the institute. A student aspiring to seek admission at the Mahindra École Centrale needs to fulfil the following eligibility criteria.

Indian Students

  • 10+2 or equivalent from any statutory board with 60% aggregate marks in all subjects.
  • The applicant must also have 60% or above in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  • Upto the rank of 150,000 in JEE (Main).

International Students (Foreign Nationals / Non Resident Indians / PIO):

  • 10+2 or equivalent from any statutory board with 60% aggregate marks in all subjects.
  • The applicant must also have 60% or above in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  • A valid SAT Subject Test Score in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics



Specializations and intake per specialization: – 240 seats (inclusive of 15% NRI/PIO/FO students)

Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) 60
Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EE) 60
Mechanical Engineering (ME) 60
Civil Engineering (CE) 60

Mahindra École Centrale College of Engineering is offering a full-time, four-year engineering course leading to a B.Tech Degree***

***NOTE: Students will have the option of continuing their education for the fifth year. On completion of five years, the program will be certified by French authorities and also be recognised as a dual B-Tech & M-Tech Degree in India.



Faculty at MEC is a mix of Indian and International professors. Faculty exchange between MEC and Ecole Centrale Paris is a possibility. You can check full faculty list by clicking here.

MEC organised hangout sessions on google+ with the faculty where institute’s faculty answered questions asked by students. Which is really creative.

I got to ask a few questions to Dr. Benhur Salome, English Lecturer. She worked earlier as Ad-hoc lecturer at English And Foreign Languages University a.k.a EFLU and as Lecturer at  St. Francis College. I asked her if MEC was going to follow the same syllabi as prescribed by JNTUH. She said that an entire different syllabus is going to be made under guidance of Ecole Centrale Paris and JNTUH. Also that English is going be taught as literature with philosophy. So, I guess MEC is going to have an entirely different syllabus which is updated and in tune with present practices in industry.

You can check out hangout session below:

My question starts at 16:05 mins.

I also got to ask Professor Anup Biswas, Chemistry Lecturer. Though his answers weren’t that clear and effective. Anyways, Chemistry lecturer’s that qualified are rarely available in India.

Here’s that hangout session video:

Fee Structure:

This is where hesitation starts. Its not something which is affordable by a typical middle class family in India. This sort of makes me feel if its some sort of education business started by Mahindra Group just like Narayana Group of Educational Institutions and Sri Chaitanya Group of Educational Institutions**. But I guess International type of education will cost such an amount **. I know that students can take education loan but, getting around 30 Lakhs as education loan is something which students who have just completed their 12th can’t afford to take. It will take an other 10 years after education to complete the loan with interest rates. Scholarships and fee waivers is also provided by MEC but still it doesn’t mean every student gets it. There is a limit and extent to which these scholarships and fee waivers are given. So, scholarships might be provided based on JEE Mains Rank, 10th/12th marks, financial situation of student.

For Indian Students*:

Fee is Rs. 4,00,000 per annum (which includes tuition fees, academic fees, institute exam fees, library, university eligibility fees and gymkhana facilities). The fees can be paid in a maximum of four instalments.

One-time Caution Money – Institute: Rs.10,000/-

Hostel and Mess Charges: Rs 90,000 /- per annum

Caution Money – Hostel: Rs.10,000/-

Which makes total fee of 6 Lakhs per annum

For International Students*:

Annual Academic Fees: 8000 US$. The fees can be paid in a maximum of four instalments.

Caution Money – Institute: 500 US$.

Hostel and Mess Charges: 2200 US$ per annum.

Caution Money – Hostel: 500 US$.


Contact Address:

Mahindra École Centrale
Survey No: 62/1A, Bahadurpally Jeedimetla,
Hyderabad – 500043 – Telangana, India.


Phone: 040 – 30675316 / 30675330


Final Verdict:

I wouldn’t say its waste to invest money into something like education but still money is a problem with middle class and working class families in India. So, I have only fee as one of the major problem with institute. Secondly, they should have also made this course a day scholar one by providing transportation facilities as this might help middle class families with residential fee. Placements are a concern but I guess its collaboration with Mahindra Group will make it a less concern. Infrastructure is awe”MORE” (awe”SOME”<->awe”MORE”). Institute’s environment is student friendly and its emphasis on curriculum and research makes it a bit unique from other colleges which are always worried about placements. In coming years other engineering colleges in Telangana might take MEC as an inspiration when it comes to curriculum and research because institutes in Telangana follow same unrevised curriculum for 10-15 years. A revised curriculum ensures that a student is in tune with current practices of Industry. Also when a company hires a student it doesn’t need to teach that student about present practices in Industry as he has already learnt it in its curriculum.

Do leave your opinion in comments about Mahindra Ecole Centrale Review


Future Of Institute:

As Dr. Benhur said in the Hangout session, There might be a possible collaboration with English And Foreign languages University.

In coming years JNTUH might allot an “autonomous” status to the institution or University status might be granted to the institute by University Grants Commission a.k.a UGC.

Possibility of day scholar courses can’t be ruled.

* Indicates content taken from official website of Mahindra Ecole Centrale. is not liable for any errors that might have crept into it. The content like fee and admission criteria are subjected to change in due amount of time. So, you are requested to check official website i.e,

** Indicates personal opinion of author.





  1. Avatar June 12, 2015

    We joined my sister in this college . infrastructure is amazing and got a feeling she would become a better person in this environment provided.. Thumbs up and yeah fee is a bit higher but banks do help..

    • Avatar
      Arshad Mohammed June 12, 2015

      Hi! Vinay

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I would certainly say that the institute provides international kinda exposure to the students there. I still do think that college can do better in terms of research exposure. A research based environment is a win win thing for students, faculty and institute. I expect research labs on par with international universities to be introduced in the coming years. Anyways, a big shoutout to your sister for joining the institute. Again thanks for sharing thoughts.


  2. Avatar
    V K Mishra October 20, 2015

    .No doubt the residential and mess facilities for children is of high quality, but of course at exorbitant cost. The institute intends to feed on the quality children who has just been a little short of joining IITs or nits of course with parents of deep pocket.Director suggested loan for the children to pay them and equated the 30 lakh investment like loan for housing. It is quality education after all.
    Well MEC is preparing children not as engineer but something between an engineer and manager.Friends let me say as on date MEC is not equipped with wholesome teaching for engineering discipline so they are compensating it by providing languages and social sciences . I do not say it is anything wrong, what is incorrect is their ad lying about their incapacity and showing this as a positive trait.
    During admission they quite often insist that the original documents be deposited with them.Forget the money if you have paid and wish to get back in case you wish your ward withdrawn from the institute.they won,t reply your mails as if they have not heard anything from you. Even a refusal won’t come. I wish them success and wish more success to brilliant children who have checked in. Only advice I will tender to the students that they must strive for excellence not the mediocrity MEC will bring them like something between engineer and manager but none of it. Though the children are not less than the boys who have got through to IITs and nits but MEC shall have to spend years to reach up to that level. Moreover if they are not honest / transparent in their approach for admission, fee, curriculum and programme in future and keep on running for business equations to thrive on children’s money, they will become permanently handicapped. I wish it must not. Best of luck to all.

    • Avatar
      Arshad Mohammed October 28, 2015

      Hi! Mishra

      Cliche`. My take on MEC was same, preparing child between an engineer and manager. It is an acknowledgeable fact on part of MEC that it lacks facilities. It is a growing institute, at the moment being in the form of a seed. It has a long way to meet up to the standards of BITS, NIT’s and IIT’s for the matter. I can’t confirm nor deny about admission fee troubles though. I for one think this is a best institute for students who opt for NRI quota seats in CBIT,VNRVJIET,VASAVI. They pay anywhere between 3-6 lakhs per annum. This would a better option for them given the facilities at MEC. Despite all factors, as Galadriel says in Lord Of The Rings “Yet hope remains while the company is true.” Thanks for the comment though. I’m sure it will be of some help to students in deciding wether or not to join MEC. Thanks for visiting our site.

      Mohammed Arshad
      Administrator | Online Education Portal

    • Avatar
      Manoj May 30, 2016

      Mr. V K Mishra,
      I am student of MEC. I may be wrong, but your comment sounds like you are underestimating our faculty in their ability to teach technical aspects engineering. Well let me make it clear. Our faculty is one of the best in our country if not the best. I may not be able to convince you but don’t publish things without doing proper research.

      Warm regards,

      • Avatar
        Arshad Mohammed June 02, 2016

        Hi! Manoj

        It’s always nice to hear about how things have changed @MEC. I’ve also heard some good things about MEC at Quora as well. If all goes well, MEC might be the next happening educational institution after IIT’s, NIT’s, IIIT’s and BIT’s.

        Best Of Luck!


  3. Avatar
    Charran reddy May 12, 2016

    I want to join in mec can anyone tell me what are the qualification required to join in these institution and fees structure please and also about the enivornment of the college and faculty?please……..?

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