Why 1956 As Cutoff Year For FAST Scheme Is Inappropriate

Why 1956 As Cutoff Year For FAST Scheme Is Inappropriate

**This article has some personal views of author in it. Reader’s discretion is recommended. Author is also a student from Telangana**


Government Of Telangana is now replacing “Fee Reimbursement” scheme with “Financial Assistance To Telangana Students” a.k.a “FAST” which might be most probably implemented in the present E-PASS Website of Telangana. As the name suggests, It’s only for students of Telangana who are studying in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh as well as Other states. The Government has nearly fixed 1956 as cutoff year for determining Nativity of student. It means that people who settled here before 1956 will be ineligible for FAST Scheme.

The documents to prove the nativity of students are yet to be decided but Andhra Pradesh State Archives And Research Institute a.k.a APSARI has land records and other records dating back to as long as year 1400, there is a possibility that help might be taken from APSARI in deciding nativity of student. It doesn’t mean APSARI has record of each and every individual across the state. It will be useful for determining nativity for some students but not all.

It will be a major issue to determine nativity of student with 1956 as cutoff year as it might involve coordination from several departments such as Revenue, APSARI…Etc,. It is really a tricky task to determine nativity and it will most probably take at least 6-12 months to determine nativity of students individually by conducting field level inspections. So fixing 1956 as cutoff date is not something that’s fare for either states.

One of the reasons why I personally don’t agree with FAST scheme being a Telangana student is, if suppose a parent of student from Telangana doesn’t has any record in the concerned departments before or on 1956, He might not be eligible for fee reimbursement from Telangana state. This will be injustice to that student as he was denied the right just because a certain record isn’t present in the department. In this way the education of student is jeopardized. So, Its absurd to implement such scheme.

In coming time, Telangana Government might ask students to produce certain certificates to prove nativity of student to become eligible. Problem with such thing is with the students who got to know of such certificate recently, they might possibly apply for such certificate but doesn’t mean they will get it from the concerned department before certificate verification. Also there are several glitches in Meeseva EDS. Public servants in the concerned departments still follow traditional process. I will point one such incident from my personal experience with Meeseva services. I applied for Caste certificate and Income Certificate in March 2014. I received Income Certificate within 15 days but as per SLA (Service Level Agreement) time limit was 7 days. I waited around nearly 3 months for caste certificate. As people say There is a limit and extent of patience. I called up Meeseva Helpline and lodged complaint. The very next day, the status of my application was open and a day after that I got a message that it was rejected stating that I didn’t submit correct evidence. I thought that it was my mistake so, I reapplied in June 2014 at other meeseva center. There at center he had some Non Judicial Affidavit Paper which wasn’t mentioned as an Enclosure in application form (which costed me nearly 250 rs/-). The operator at Meeseva asked me to submit the enclosures at Revenue Office, I asked him why? given the fact that the whole process was supposed to be electronic. He said that they haven’t adapted to the new procedures yet. So, I made my first ever visit to an Revenue Office and submitted documents there. What I observed there was, The VRO’s, RI’s, Junior Assistants there didn’t had computers to look into the enclosures sent in Online Application. I guess there are only 2 computers  I saw 1 computer i.e, with a computer operator who was supposed to enter application ID’s n assign certificates and other possible with MRO. From my personal experience MeeSeva needs to be updated to a much higher level. Introducing such new certificates will lead to thousands of students becoming ineligible for FAST scheme given the fact that Certificates aren’t reaching the students as described in service level agreement. According to me only thing which should be asked for FAST scheme i.e, Income Certificate.

One suggestive measure to tackle this is for the both government to collaborate and implement same scheme irrespective to the nativity of students. I know it will be unfare for state governments because there might not be students from either states in equal ratio and this might effect their budget’s. But digging up whole records for nativity is not something which can be done in a month or two. Again! Its not THE only solution for problem. Other options can also be explored at the time being.



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